Saturday, 19 December 2020

Britain edges towards the clifftop - a few things about to happen between now and 1 Jan

And after a very odd, year indeed, it seems that political gravity is finally starting to reassert itself.

The thing with populism, as the US is in the process of finding out, is that at some point the lies unravel and the cognitive dissonance many have been living for the duration is abruptly curtailed, by the intervention of brutal reality. 

The result is usually a shock: not just in the sense of a person or persons receiving unexpected news, but in the sense that the whole of politics - and often, economics - receives a rectifying jolt.

As the Trump era - barring an actual successful coup in the next 31 days, that is - draws to a close across the Atlantic, chickens are finally coming home to roost for the Johnson government over here.

The price that the US is paying, apart from four years of its diminishment on the international stage, is in its terrible figures for Covid-19 deaths.

The price that the UK is paying is also both of those things (granted, the figures on Covid are not quite as bad) but, on top of it all, it is about to receive an unprecedented shock over Brexit. And this one will surely be economic as well as political.

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