Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Coronavirus in Hungary: the perfect distraction for an anti-democrat to make his move

Viktor Orban says he may resume media attacks on EU institutions ...For nearly a decade, the Centre Left has been writing periodically about the unpleasant regime of Viktor Orbán in Hungary, and how it would likely end up as the first dictatorship inside the EU: starting with a ropey media law his government enacted in that year, passing through a blind eye to anti-Semitsim and a suspiciously over-generous nuclear deal with Russia, and ending with open-ended rule by decree yesterday, a mere nine years later.

He has not disappointed: indeed, if there is a difference between this and the dictatorship declared yesterday, it is starting to be a fairly fine one.

Friday, 20 March 2020

This past few weeks have only confirmed Corbynite Labour’s unfitness to govern

Image result for 10 downing street imagesAnd so, while not wanting to be complacent, many of us dare to hope that the shutters are finally lifting on the Corbynite era, where the openly continuity-Corbyn candidates seem poised to lose in both Leader and Deputy Leader elections.

The beginning of the end, fingers crossed.

Even were that not the case, it seems that the dying embers of that Corbynite leadership seems bent on helping them lose, through a series of actions so cack-handed, so politically tone-deaf, that they leave even their most ardent supporters within the party are left struggling to comprehend them.

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