Friday, 12 August 2016

Free Ukraine. Last chance to see?

Just to note, after many earlier posts on the subject, that trouble is brewing again in the Ukraine. 

I have long predicted that Vladimir Putin would most likely want to finish the job of invading the country while Obama was still in office, knowing that the likely consequences would be zero, whereas under either the next Democrat or (God forbid, under present circumstances) Republican incumbents, they may well be non-zero.

Well, it seems to be happening. A surge is being reported in the already-invaded Donbass region, along with the deployment of some pretty hefty missile systems. In response, Ukraine is understandably building up troops on the Crimean border. The key cities of Odessa and Mariupol are being posited as possible targets for a further invasion. It strikes me that, if these two cities were to fall, Kiev might not be far behind. And with that, you could pretty much say goodbye to an independent Ukraine. 

If that happens - and even if it does not - future historians might reasonably conjecture how things might have turned out differently for Ukrainians with a marginally-less-useless-at-foreign-policy president of the United States.

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