Saturday, 16 July 2016

Turkey: the bus reaches its destination

Now, the Centre Left has been a little preoccupied over recent months with the slow collapse of the Labour Party as we know it. But world events now still seem to be competing to reach the same level of insanity.

Aside from the horrific attacks in Nice, where families celebrating Bastille day were butchered by an Islamist madman in a truck, the disintegration of democracies on the fringes of Europe now seems to be proceeding at a clip.

Last night, those of us minding our own business on Friday night Twitter were treated to a presumed military "coup" in Turkey, which had apparently been put down by this morning. 

However, as regular readers will know, President Erdogan is no democrat - he was famously quoted as saying that democracy was a "bus ride - once I get to my stop, I'm getting off."

It now seems fairly clear that he had deliberately encouraged the coup in order to draw out his opponents. Now they are isolated, he can lock them up or kill them. And he will be the undisputed dictator, er, leader, of modern Turkey. No more need for any more of that pesky democracy stuff.

Particularly unedifying when you consider (a) that Turkey has fought since its creation to be a secular state, because Attaturk understood well the dangers of Islamist politics, and (b) what has happened in neighbouring Syria under a dictator.

Looks like someone just got off the bus.

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