Sunday, 21 February 2016

Oxford Labour Students and anti-Semitism: a post script

A brief thought about this, having just read this piece by my good comrade Dan Fox:

At time of writing, six days on from the row described in my last post, what has Labour done about the rampant anti-Semitism happening in Oxford, which symbolises something terribly wrong amongst its membership?

Has it prompted a comment from the leadership on how such behaviour can never be tolerated in this party?

Has an investigation been announced by Labour's HQ staff, led by the party's General Secretary?

Even a statement on the party website, confirming how seriously this issue is taken?

No. To my knowledge, none of the above.

Labour Students - an organisation with a tiny full-time staff, usually people straight out of university themselves, is to launch its own investigation.

Nothing against Labour Students, of course, but this is hardly a way to show the world that you take the subject of anti-Semitism seriously.

And, I'm afraid, we all know why. Because Jeremy Corbyn's office almost certainly feels that this is probably a subject to make too much fuss about, because he will be forced into a public comment which will would end up being worse still than the row itself.

Or, worse: that he does not really consider that there really is anti-Semitism happening in Oxford. That it is merely anti-Zionism, which is completely different, right?

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