Thursday, 28 November 2013

The real reason why the Co-op saga is bad news for Labour

First, let’s get a few things straight. The Co-op Bank is not the Co-op Group, and is not the Co-op Party, a separate political party which sponsors MPs, among other things. Problems for one does not necessarily mean disaster for all three.

And there are two further stories currently being bandied around, both fallacies. And a third story, which no-one seems to be telling, which is the truth.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Unite's foolishness could undo the reforms we worked so hard for

Yesterday published my tenth piece for the Independent, on how Len McCluskey's current manoeuvres could now have reverberations on the whole union movement for years to come.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Livingstone: still there, still up to his old tricks

Now, I have never been a fan of Gordon Brown’s decision to leave the “Golden Rule” behind and stop balancing the books over the economic cycle. He borrowed more than he should have, with the result that Britain was rather caught with its trousers around its ankles when the global financial crisis came.

But it takes a certain kind of front for a politician on his own side to
call the former prime minister a coward (although marginally better, one supposes, than asking for him to be tried as war criminal).

Especially if that politician (a) still holds office at national level (albeit on Labour’s NEC and not an office elected by the general public); and (b) wouldn’t know fiscal responsibility if it jumped up and slapped him in the face with a wet kipper.

Monday, 11 November 2013

So Len, just run this by me again, I'm confused...

I provide only the information:

On Sunday Politics with Andrew Neil, McCluskey denies (8:07) Unite legal chief, Howard Beckett, said in an email that his Communications team should prepare "nasty stuff" on Labour figures .

"That's not true!" exclaims a hurt-sounding McCluskey. It is all a dastardly plot by the Tories and the Tory media. "What emails?" he says, when asked by Neil about Stevie Deans' email cache, now in the posession of the Sunday Times.

But, oh look, the Sunday Times yesterday published an email here from said cache by Beckett  (£):
"Comms will prepare the nasty stuff we know of individuals in the labour party but this will not be used".

Whether or not it is used immediately seems quite irrelevant but, call me old-fashioned, either the Sunday Times has fabricated this evidence, or it looks like Len McCluskey has said something on national television which has now been directly contradicted by written evidence. Although I would be delighted to hear from anyone at Unite who can explain this contradiction.

Doubtless it is another sinister "media witch-hunt" by the Tories and their friends in the media, etc. etc.
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