Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Post-Dave state of mind

The Telegraph’s Benedict Brogan wrote an interesting piece yesterday about backbench disloyalty in the Conservative Party, where he commented that many were in a “post-Dave state of mind”. Although I think even he would agree that we are a long way from prime ministerial defenestration, it was difficult not to be inspired by the turn of phrase.
So, the Centre Left went to canvass views with Tory MPs, and was surprised to find that one suddenly broke into song (with profuse apologies to the great Billy Joel):

Post-Dave State Of Mind
(to the tune of New York State Of Mind)

Some MPs like to get away, take a holiday from the neighbourhood,
Hop a flight to Cardiff Beach or Holyrood;
But I know what I need, I don’t want to waste more time,
I’m in a post-Dave state of mind.

It was so easy living day by day,
Out of touch with the country’s blues;
But now I need a little hideaway,
From the Daily Mail, constituents’ views, whoa

It comes down to reality, but that’s fine for me, ‘cause he’s let it slide,
Don’t care if it’s Gove or May, or some other guy;
I’m taking my vote, and I’m leaving him behind,
I’m in a post-Dave state of mind.

(And the real thing, infinitely better)

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