Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Labour discipline is in a woeful state, but there is more than that at stake with the Ahmed affair

My latest piece for Independent Voices, on how Labour's highly unpleasant Lord Ahmed finally has got his just desserts, is here.


  1. Wouldn't you agree that this has so many paralells with the Labour party of the 1980's when,although Neil Kinnock would condemn IRA atrocities,he never seemed to take actions against MP's like Tony Benn,Ken Livingstone,Jeremy Corbyn etc who were apologists for the IRA and always tried to make excuses for them,when he should have disciplined them and if necessary withdraw the whip but then Kinnock would not have wanted to upset some in the Irish community who formed part of Labour's block vote.

  2. Well, there is some truth in what you say with regard to discipline. However, there has never really been a "block" vote of Irish people in Labour oonstituencies in any comparable way to Bangladeshi, Bengali or Kashmiri communities, for example.


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