Sunday, 3 March 2013

9/11 - it was Mossad, obviously, says PressTV

Ok, I know, I know. I shouldn't be surprised after all this time.

And it was indescribably dumb of some Israeli dad to dress up his kids in Twin Towers costumes as a Purim (Jewish April Fool's Day) stunt. It wasn't funny.

But the whole Jewish diaspora around the world does not bear responsibility for that one idiot. And even I was surprised at the openness of PressTV, mouthpiece of the Islamic Republic of Iran, publishing this piece, essentially saying that the Israelis - or rather, more loosely, "tha Jooz" - are obviously directly responsible for 9/11.

For good measure, this delightful piece contains a bucketload of standard anti-Semitic tropes like lying Jews, Jews pulling the strings of governments, and so on.

Ok, so no surprises. And I fully expect the George Galloways of this world to be unabashed by such things.

But oh, Jeremy Corbyn MP, how can you, a Labour MP - a Labour MP - work for these unspeakable people?


  1. This is one of the reasons that whilst sharing the criticisms that many Labour MP's had of Tory MP Andrew Rosindell's admiration of General Pinochet I would refuse to join the chorus of criticism aimed at Rosindell given the party's open secret of MP's praising dictators like Chavez and Castro.

  2. "Purim (Jewish April Fool's Day)" ???
    correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't April Fool's marks the end of the "old new year" celebrations, and when they changed it people made fun of the people who celebrated the old date- April 1st?
    Purim marks the saving, in the last minute, of the Jews in Paras (Iran...) from a planed massacre. it is commanded to celebrate that day by being excessively happy and getting drunk (yea that's right, and the fact that it is marked in proximity to St. Patrick's Day, which gives Israeli pubs another reason to have parties, is just a happy coincidence).
    I don't think there's room to compare the two.
    oh and for that other thing... Labour is too big to remain sane. it's comprised of canter-left, left-left, insane-left and others.

  3. @Damien: I disagree. Both should be challenged, anything else is moral relativism.

    @Unknown: Well, it seems a bit picky, but ok. My impression is that people dress up and do silly things, but hey. Anyway, the point is really about whether it was a smart thing to do by that Israeli dad (it wasn't).

    It has remained relatively sane, on average, for most of its existence. The only problem comes periodically when the insane gets the upper hand (e.g. early 1980s),


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