Monday, 6 August 2012

Don't look to François Hollande for inspiration, Ed

My fifth post for the New Statesman, essentially about why I think François Hollande's maths is fundamentally flawed, is here.

UPDATE: I should point out, that the excellent Chris Dillow, who understands these things (he is a professional economist, as well as a very good blogger) agrees with me on the pensions question.


  1. Rob, I've replied to your "lump-of-labour fallacy" claim at Ecological Headstand, "Another One Bites the Lump."

  2. Ok, so I've read it, and I'm still not clear: who are these "handful" of economists who disagree that this is a fallacy?

  3. Which of the following haven't you heard of? Sidney Webb, Charles Beardsley, Frank Carlton, Sydney Chapman, Cecil Pigou, Maurice Dobb, John Maynard Keynes, Richard Lester, Dean Baker, Juliet Schor, Robert LaJeunesse, David Spencer, Tim Jackson, Peter Victor, Robert Skidelsky. Well, I admit Beardsley, Carlton, Chapman, Lester and several of the current crop aren't exactly household words. But surely you've heard of Webb, Pigou, Dobb and Keynes?

    Webb, by the way, was one of the founders of the Fabians, as well as of the London School of Economics, which hosted a lecture and symposium last January featuring Schor, Jackson and Skidelsky.

  4. Well that's an interesting list, although Sidney Webb and Keynes are dead (as Keynes would say, in the long run, we all are). Although I rate both, they also dealt with a rather different world from us.

    Skidelsky is known, alive and interesting, though - do you have a link?


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