Friday, 8 June 2012

The Guardian reaches a new low (ii)

Gobsmacked, I think is a fair way to describe my feelings.

Sorry to rant,
but it's hard not to be indignant at this. After Raed Salah, I really thought it wasn't possible for the Guardian to become more idiotic, and more openly tolerant of racism, in its invitations to guest writers. 

Silly old me.

Yes, the Guardian's editorial staff have trumped their Salah op-ed by this piece from a real, live, unashamed terrorist. Ismail Haniyeh, leader of suicide-bombing terrorists Hamas in Gaza, is their latest signing. Read his apologia for his nasty crew here, and do check out the lovely Hamas Charter here, replete with Hamas' progressive views on jihad, the secondary role of women and, Jews, Jews, Jews!

[Hat-tip: Richard Shepherd at The Commentator]

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  1. Forgivr me for being off message but what's your view on the news that Labour have allegedly restored the whip to Lord Ahmed and surely it's not wise given his history!


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