Monday, 9 January 2012

Abbott, Flynn and why we lefties think we can never be racist

My third piece for the New Statesman, about Diane Abbott and Paul Flynn is here.

By the way, the original Centre Left piece about Paul Flynn, in case you missed it, is here.


  1. One will get racists in every political party. Yes there is a skein of anti-Jewish sentiment in Labour. Yes many Jews hates schwartzers. Yes on the one occasion I met Abbott (Brixton mid 1980s) she (IMHO) was anti-white. That, sir, is a form of racism - Ken will lose votes over his (mis)handling of the Lee Jasper affair. Yes Jasper is threatening me with a court action, tel him libel and slander are civil not criminal issues and must be paid without recourse to public funds!

  2. I suspect that Ken will lose votes over other issues as well, the residual disgust people have with the Evening Standard journalist affair, and association with prominent Islamists (see Centre Lefts passim). Oh, and his ridiculous deal with Chávez, who has since been shown to be a card-carrying anti-democrat (see Centre Lefts passim).

  3. I quite like Hugo!

  4. It seems Dianne Abbott has been at it again this time telling a Conservative supporting Black student trying to find work to go and work for a white Conservative,wouls you agree that Labour can no longer ignore what she's saying and have to take action otherwise this shows the loony lala brigade are on the way back!


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