Saturday, 31 December 2011

Hats off to Val Shawcross

If Andrew Gilligan's blog is to be believed (I admit, a not entirely moot point), we learn, via the excellent Harry's Place, that Val Shawcross, Ken's running-mate in the London mayorals, has commented on the former's lack of wisdom in his choice of friends the extremist Al-Qaradawi, and his comments to Jewish journalist Oliver Finegold that got him suspended as Mayor.

In other words, at last, someone senior in the Labour Party has clocked the damage that these things has caused, as Gilligan says, to the support of "liberals, gay people, Jews, feminists and democrats" for the mayoral campaign, and to the party in general.

Chapeau, Val, for speaking out. I hope you are not the last.


  1. Wasn't it telling that the people who were calling for Kate Hoey/Frank Field to kicked out of the party forso called disloyalty are distinctly silent over Ken Livingstone's antics?


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