Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The best of 2011 - who's Number One?

Just in case you missed them first time around, here were the best-read posts of 2011 at the Centre Left:

5. UCU and the siren call of “my enemy’s enemy” - written after the union's extraordinary, Kafkaesque decision, on being accused of anti-semitism, to rewrite what anti-semitism means.

4. The New Politics (reprise) - Huhne’s Reagan Defence - on the decision of Chris Huhne to claim, somewhat implausibly, that he had forgotten all about a night about which exists a taped conversation between him and his wife.

3. Our tolerance of extremism will do for us - on the various attempts of the British left to abhor racism without, whilst tolerating it within.

2. Faith schools: a bad idea just got worse - on Michael Gove's allowing the total exclusion of non-faith teachers

1. A response to Richard Burden MP on racist extremism And, at no. 1, many thanks to Richard Burden MP, for entertaining us with his irony-free plea to exclude a visiting Bible-basher from the UK as a homophobe, while defending overtly homophobic and racist preacher Raed Salah, friend of suicide-bombing terrorists Hamas. Well done, Richard, you really have brought credit on our party with that flawless logic.

Thank you all so much for your continued interest, support and debate through the year. We'll be doing our best to keep it coming this end during 2012.

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