Wednesday, 21 December 2011

And the winner of the 2011 "Reagan Defence" Award is...

...a late entry, the irrepressible CNN talk-show host Piers Morgan, for apparently having forgotten most of his life as editor at the Daily Mirror during yesterday's Leveson inquiry hearings.

He beat off stern competition, however, from News International's Les Hinton (also forgot about phone-hacking during Leveson) and of course the government's very own Chris Huhne (forgot about any details of a rather important speeding ticket).

An eminent field, surely worthy of comparison with the untouchable President Reagan, who memorably forgot about everything that ever happened to do with Iran-Contra.

So, congratulations to Piers. As @SimonNRicketts tweeted yesterday: 

Piers Morgan is only being filmed from the waist up at the #leveson inquiry because his pants are obviously on fire.


  1. Why don't these hacks sing like canaries? One policewoman has already been arrested in Essex today. If it were I, then certain grubby cops would be getting their collars felt. If such a thing is possible in England. Like Egypt pre-uprising, they are "immune".

  2. I guess because they think they may end up going down with them.


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