Saturday, 18 June 2011

The normblog profile

Norman Geras is Professor Emeritus in Politics, University of Manchester, founder signatory of the fine Euston Manifesto, jazz fan, author of the excellent, forensically-argued normblog and general all-round good guy. For the last eight years he has been running series of profiles on bloggers - particularly political bloggers - about why they blog, what makes them tick and so on. Yesterday it was my turn, and people were very nice about it.


  1. 1. It does not matter what time one posts at, if it is going to be read, it will be read.
    2. Agreed on Midnight Cowboy. Disagree with La Rentoul, never mistake being silly with being controversial.
    3. Ditto meanness, causing pain deliberately is more akin to evil. (I am sure we are all culpable mas o menor).

  2. 1. When I post here, yes. But when I post somewhere else and within 2 hours, 2 more posts are made on top of mine, it's more tricky. When they are left for 12 hours with nothing else posted, believe me, everyone reads them. I can show you the stats!

    2. Good. On JR we will have to agree to disagree, I think he's top man.

    3. Indeed. Más o menos.

  3. No accents on this. Mas. Mas. See? Yes cyberspace is unforgiving, write crap and a year later it returns to haunt you. J.R is a Top Man for Blair (Blair Studies?) and to a limited extend on ZaNuLabour but is politically illiterate elsewhere. Posh Boy Syndrome (adavanced).

  4. Did I do the accent wrong? You gotta help me with the languages...


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