Monday, 4 April 2011

Green stuff

Courtesy of Climate Progess and Bill Becker
I realise that, having been engrossed with the goings-on in the Labour Party recently, I have not done anything on green stuff, despite being a budding eco-entrepreneur and generally interested person in this area. I have to confess that, politically, my problem is finding people who think climate change is important, without being irretrievable sandal-wearers who tend to put me off. I should therefore like to share with you this rather good cartoon, which accurately sums up my thoughts on the somewhat foolish people who actively campaign against wind power, along with a link to David Mentiply's site which has some good links to other green stuff. Unlike many people in this area, David comes across as a highly sensible realist on general political matters (although we disagree on intervention - fair play to him).

On the subject of nuclear power, there is also a post there which points up the trickiness and balanced nature of the current debate. Speaking as one who has always been an unashamed nuclear supporter, even I have to confess to some serious wobbles on the subject after recent events in Japan, which I am hoping to resolve in my own head shortly. In the meantime, the link is here.

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