Friday, 1 April 2011

Cameron's new weapon: the Portuguese man-o-war

Read my first-ever article for Progress, on the Tories' clever use of the Euro crisis, here.


  1. Britain does 90% of it's trade with the Euro so is that the answer re:Tory policy? Did they pay you to write, if so how much? Money, I remember money...

  2. Well I think it's silly posturing on their part at the moment to please their back benches. In the end they'll probably help bail out Portugal and everyone else. But I suspect they will use it as an opportunity to stick it to Labour and the European idea in general in the media.

    Pay me to write? Ah, now that would be something...;)

  3. Same here, sweated labour over a hot keyboard. We are the 21st century equivalent of mill workers! What do you think will happen to the Euro, 2 speed?

  4. I think it will probably get bailed. But the Germans will play a game of brinkmanship and let it run really close to the wire, in order to dissuade any repeat performances.

    Also depends a lot on Spain. It will be much worse if Spain goes, all this so far is small potatoes.

  5. Heard that Spain won't go. But then I heard the £STG would not be devalued by Lamont...


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