Saturday, 24 April 2010

Second week of campaign - better than expected

Well we seem to be doing alright, or rather, much better than I had feared. Gordon gave a more confident performance on this week's TV debate. Nick Clegg seems to be being canonised by the press, but...hang on, in the harsh light of the polling booth will people really vote for someone who cannot win (and may not even get influence in government)?

Latest YouGov poll says Con 34 Lab 29 LD 29. Which is only 5 points and not the kind of swing we were seeing 12 months ago, by a long shot. Given that the Libs will not pact with the Tories, it seems quite possible that the Tories will end up without any chance of governing, because for them it's an absolute majority or nothing.

And I know you've probably seen it, but hey, let's post Eddie Izzard for posterity:

Gary bloomin' Barlow, Cameron - do me a favour.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

First full week of campaign - Cameron falls apart on gay rights

Well, they're off. Brown ok in TV debate, although the real story was clearly Nick Clegg's performance. But this was the best news of the week for me - look at the Tories on gay rights. They're all over the shop.
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