Tuesday, 27 October 2009

It's either be at the centre of Europe, or be on the outside - again

Now it's time for that other Milliband, the Foreign Secretary - great interview with Gavin Hewitt here. Now, we have a choice at the moment, to shy away from supporting a European president, or run away from even the idea of it, like the Tories. Let's leave on one side for a moment whether you like, or don't like, Tony Blair as that figure.

But let's suppose that the other countries of Europe, support the creation of that figure - as seems wholly likely on past experience - engage with the idea, and cede power.

Now look forward to 20 years' time, or less: we are then looking at standing outside and looking on, "semi-detached" (in the expression which has now become a cliché for the British towards Europe), while Obama negotiates with the European President, the Russian President and the Chinese President. If you think that sounds far-fetched, read some basic economics - the Chinese economy will be bigger than the US economy by 2050.

I know what I'd prefer, and I know what a future Prime Minister Cameron would do if he got elected. Let's have a bit of vision for the future.

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