Monday, 26 October 2009

Great meeting, nice people

Just got back from the Darlington "meet the candidates event" at the Arts Centre this weekend. Darlington I know pretty well, having grown up nearby, but it was nice to be back. Really nice bunch of people, and extremely well-organised. I had some grillings, as expected, from a few members, but that's part and parcel, and actually I'm always glad that people take the process seriously. Anyway, a very positive response.

I've already started the long and involved task of talking to all CLP members, as I really want to find out everyone's views. And if you're a Darlington member reading this, please, tell me what you think's important.

We are now 11 candidates out of the original 30, assuming that no serious candidate would have been absent. Less than 3 weeks till nominations close, and may the best candidate win...

1 comment:

  1. STOP PRESS: Telephone canvassing going well. I was told today that I would get someone's vote at the branch meeting for having bothered to call and make personal contact - great.

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