Friday, 23 October 2009

Darlington - and they're off...

I set up this blog ages ago, but now I have much more of a reason to use it. Yesterday I announced my entry into the Darlington parliamentary selection, so this will be a place, initially at least, for my thoughts during this process, as well as on political issues in general in areas which interest me such as the local and national economy, job creation and sustainability. Right now, I also hope it will be useful to members of Darlington CLP who want to know a little more about me - hope you find it informative.

It's going to be a tough election at national level, that's for sure, despite a little "fightback spirit" at this year's Party Conference. At the Darlington level, the applications process closed on Monday and tomorrow is the "meet the candidates" event at Darlington Arts Centre.

I'm looking forward to meeting the members.

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