Friday, 6 November 2009

Members' concerns #4 - The People's Rail?

This is another issue that I know is close to some members' hearts. I know that the new renationalisation of the London-Edinburgh line (which as you all know passes through Darlington, home of the railways) is of the operating company and not the track, but isn't the second renationalisation in not-so-many years giving weight to the argument of the Co-op Party for creating a network where passengers have a say, The People's Rail?


  1. Yes. It would also be of great interest to staff. Rail unions have long campaigned for renationalisation, but on a democratic basis - and that's what a People's Rail would be. Except of course it would be independent of government, which would make it hard for the Tories to sell off to their mates again...

  2. Indeed. Network Rail is definitely better than Railtrack, which was abysmal. But it would be bust were it not in public hands, and that should not be the template for public ownership. Public ownership can only work if it shows itself both to be efficient AND serve the people.


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